Eat (manger)

July 15, 2010

she said to write something
and all I really know of French
French fry
French toast


I’m making myself hungry
with this ridiculous foray
into a language I do not speak.

J’ai envie de manger mon dîner maintenant.

©Erin Kilmer, 2010


Poem #5 for my Baby Words series. Squeezy only speaks English and baby babble, however.

Inspired by L.L. Barkat’s French on Fridays.



July 13, 2010

I bought a bunch
well, really I bought two
(we’d been eating them so fast, you see).

But one bunch
is going black
before the other bunch
is gone
(shows you how well it pays to be prepared).

So in the morning,
I’m making muffins.

©Erin Kilmer 2010

#3 in my Baby Words series.