Eat (manger)

July 15, 2010

she said to write something
and all I really know of French
French fry
French toast


I’m making myself hungry
with this ridiculous foray
into a language I do not speak.

J’ai envie de manger mon dîner maintenant.

©Erin Kilmer, 2010


Poem #5 for my Baby Words series. Squeezy only speaks English and baby babble, however.

Inspired by L.L. Barkat’s French on Fridays.


2 Responses to “Eat (manger)”

  1. I LOVE it!!!

    Wonderful poem. And look at the French at the end! I can’t even put a French sentence together that nicely. But I can eat French fries. So maybe we’ll be okay. 🙂

  2. Really? The tool did that? I am so impressed. Now we can write French poetry. Sorta. 🙂

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