May 28, 2010

Erin Kilmer

Every day I come to your house
not knowing what I will find.

Some days, the doors are flung open.
Some days, all is shut up tight.

Today I see that a wall has grown up
Around your brick-walled house,

And when I peer through the cracks
in the wall I see that the doors are

locked and barred; the windows locked
tight. I can barely see you.

I am helpless to tear down the bricks,
helpless to fling open the doors like

Superwoman coming to the rescue,
saving the day with well-chosen words

and a blast of humorous irony.
I am no superwoman. She is not what you need anyway.

You are so alone in there. I can tell.
I try to be your comfort, your lifeline.

But my words seem so trite and useless
when I realize your chains and your prison.

I bang on the wall till my fists bloody
from its rough bricks. The wall is unmoved.

I scream and I cry and I pray and I am
helpless. I can do nothing about this wall,

these locks and bars and curtains pulled tight,
these chains. Nothing. I will bring you soup

and warm bread and fresh fruit.
And I will never ever go away.

When you look through the cracks, I will be here,
outside the wall, loving you. Never doubt it.


4 Responses to “Powerless”

  1. Catherine said

    Heartbreaking.. (beautiful poetry, though) ❤

  2. Catherine said

    Heartbreaking.. (beautiful poem, though)

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