May 16, 2010

by Erin Kilmer

I have walked
in imaginary skies
amid sparkling star-gems,
wearing moondust as a cloak
and sunfire as a crown.

I have withered
in dungeons of my own creation,
behind bars of words
eating only scraps of
commas for my bread.

I have waited
in dark rooms imagined
with a candle for my light,
soft feet shod with
satin slippers.

I have wandered
through illusory vineyards
thick and heavy with fruit
dancing in dark juices
staining my feet with purple.

I have wondered
at the worlds my mind creates
when I daydream
where I am princess crowned
or pauper condemned.

I am wiser
now, for coming out of
dreams I find myself
in Your beauty always
more sparkling than my imagination.


2 Responses to “Reality”

  1. well done.
    i can see pictures.

  2. Melo said

    with you, here

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