Heart of the Mountain

April 28, 2010

I am at the heart of this mountain
Consumer of all its former life, its former glory
I rest here strong and mighty and invincible
Fire within my belly, flaming breaths lighting
Darkness and glimmers of precious treasure.
Once alive with work and beauty,
Now these caves lie cold and dark and empty
Except for me and my pile of jewels.
I am the heart of this mountain.

I smell you in the dark, creeping closer.
You stole from me once before but
It will not happen again. I do not
understand your riddles, but it does not matter.
I will destroy you with one breath.
See my armor, crusted jewels on my soft belly.
No arrow or sword could pierce this stone flesh.
I am strong, and I may not know you,
But I will destroy you and all those who help you.

Anger and hatred and revenge and madness
I will destroy these men who flout my absolute power.
All around is water, but they will see
I do not fear them. Fire and mayhem and terror–
This is what I was made for! To sleep amid jewels
Is a good kind of life, but to breathe out angry fire–
Pain! Fire within! Knives and searing and horror!
A weakness? How can it be? One arrow– one arrow–
I am slain and lay in my pile of gemstones below the water.

***written for L.L. Barkat’s prompt at High Calling Blogs to write a poem from the point of view of a monster. We have had Tolkien on the brain, so this is my homage to Smaug of The Hobbit.***


5 Responses to “Heart of the Mountain”

  1. Art said

    Awesome poem. I love it. Love it. LOVE IT. I’m gonna get it tattoed on my back.

  2. “I will destroy you with one breath.”

    that’s the line. that one.

  3. Kathleen said

    I don’t know Maug, but he is serious business.

  4. I knew it was Smaug before you said it! One of the more sympathetic monsters of my readings. And in my never-to-be-humble opinion, “The Hobbit” is my favorite of the LOTR books.

  5. so glad to find this other space of yours.

    i can see the battle raging…

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