April 22, 2010

by Erin Kilmer

he is making a
secret cave
or a basement for a
or a swimming pool
or a pit for
his cars to pile in

yesterday it was
a hideout for
little green army men

today it is
an ocean for
a boat to cross

tomorrow it will be
the beginnings of
a tunnel to China

it could be anything at all



written for the April prompt at Cunning Poets Society: dig.


4 Responses to “Excavation”

  1. nAncY said

    i love it.

    let’s dig a tunnel to china!

  2. Melo said

    Erin, I like this a lot… being a veteran digger of holes to China. 🙂

  3. Craig grew up with 4 brothers and lots of boy cousins. We had girls, pink girls. He would borrow friend’s sons to dig with. It is never only a hole. Your poem picture is testosterone filled. 🙂

  4. Maureen said

    This is charming.

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