Laugh Lines

April 19, 2010

Laugh Lines
by Erin Kilmer

Laughter leaves its creases
on once-young skin,
mark of a life
lived to the full–
of happiness gathered
and scattered
and shared.

Time cannot mask
the loveliness of an
exultant existence.

A thing of
is a beauty


for this week’s prompt at Carry On Tuesday— “a thing of beauty is a joy forever,” and this week’s prompt at One Single Impression— mask.


10 Responses to “Laugh Lines”

  1. Liked the way it progressed!

    a blow

  2. Wrinkles have always intrigued me. Especially happy ones of a life well lived.

  3. I liked the way you write 🙂
    I loved it 🙂

  4. Happy, beautiful, and oh, so true!

  5. Creativity said

    Beautiful Lines 🙂

  6. janet said

    I’ve heard it said of wrinkles that: they’re a map of the adventures and places you’ve been. Now in my late 40’s I have more appreciation for this attitude.

    Loved how you swapped joy and beauty.

  7. Old Grizz said

    A smile, a laugh. the residuals of such certainly are a joy

  8. Tammie said

    absolutely wonderful
    and a grand take on our prompt!

  9. Whitesnake said

    Some people have a lot of wrinkles and I reckon they are laughlines so some people must have absolutely cacked themselves……..

  10. delicious lines …

    “the loveliness of an
    exultant existence”

    beauty is found in the manifestation of joy.


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