The Rhyme Not Written

April 18, 2010

The Rhyme Not Written
by Erin Kilmer for my sister Laura
with deepest apologies to Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And being one who struggles with decision-making,
I thought it would be best if I just sat right down
With paper and pen procured I don’t know where
And wrote a poem about it.

It’s not a very good poem, I fear.
It seems a bit too familiar, and possibly
Like someone else, passing this way before
May have written something similar,
Only a good deal better.

I’m sure no college student,
Poring over books in the middle of the night,
Will write an essay over this work,
And I’m sure not one of them
Will be even the slightest bit disappointed by that fact.

Those roads there, branching off to left and right,
Are they crucial paths into my future?
Or are they simply two unimportant ways,
A choice as meaningful as which flavor of ice cream to buy?
And if I take one above the other, does it matter?

I think in the end I may never know.
But I do know this: I have written this poem
Without rhythm or rhyme or point
And someday I may look back and realize
That has made all the difference.

(But I doubt it.)


5 Responses to “The Rhyme Not Written”

  1. Glynn said

    Whose poems these are,
    I think I know; her
    house is in Iowa,
    And I have words to read
    before I weep
    (with laughter),
    and words to read before I weep
    (with laughter).

  2. Laura said

    I think I’d much rather dissect this poem than the original. I think it’s more up my alley. LOL

  3. robert went a-walking
    in the woods a-stalking
    which way to go
    it was a cold day of frost
    and he feared that he was lost
    which way to go
    which way to go

  4. Maureen said

    Frost be nimble
    Robert be quick
    One uses a wimble
    the other a walking stick.

  5. laura said

    Erin! This is so fun. and I am enjoying the contributions of our Cunning Poet Society members! Not so quick of tongue, I, but rather a poet voyeur. Sometimes I try, though…

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