Music of Spring

April 13, 2010

Music of Spring
a sonnet by Erin Kilmer

Oh spring, your  music strong wafts over me:
Slow first, in bluer skies, in hints of green;
Then sending out your showers pure and clean,
Till blossoms burst from field and bed and tree.
Oh spring, thy song shouts with its Siren’s voice
To young and old to open windows, doors,
To leave our chairs, abandon all our chores
And follow it outside. We have no choice.
Oh spring, your  melody is breeze and light;
And rain’s soft fall and scent of earth and flowers
Harmonize with children’s laughing hours
And white-puffed clouds and birds’ sweet song in flight.
Your music calls my silent lips to sing
A song to your Creator dear, oh spring!


Written for the April creative challenge at (in)courage to write a sonnet about spring. The sonnet is possibly my favorite form of poem, so this was fun to write.


6 Responses to “Music of Spring”

  1. Rachel said

    My favorite part…to leave chores and go outside. THat is the best part of the invitation of spring..come enjoy God’s beauty!!!

  2. misty said

    i love this sonnet. i love how evocative of my own heart-stirrings it is! i need those blue skies, green hues, and open windows to breathe it all in!!!

  3. Sandy said

    I never viewed spring as music, but it is a perfect analogy. Beautifully done.

  4. Heather said

    I have not written a sonnet in years, but now I want to.

  5. Pamela said

    clap clap clap clap! This was one for applause. Me thinks you’ve done this before!!!!

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