Vanity Fair

April 10, 2010

Vanity Fair
Erin Kilmer

How long have I been
awake dreaming with open
eyes? My skin tingles

with memories of
daydreams that prickle with heat;
freeze with ice. Wafting

aromas fill my
nose; breathe deep and smell baking
bread, sweet blooms, pungent

spice. Colors press in,
assaulting my eyes with their
loud vibrance as my

ears are assaulted
with a bright cacophony.
Senses full of dream.

Stop. All illusions.
Shake off the daydreams with their
nightmarish sweetness.

Their reality fades
in Light. Always add the Light.
Is it morning yet?


written for the prompt at Carry On Tuesday, “How long have I been awake? Is it morning yet?” from the novel Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella.


7 Responses to “Vanity Fair”

  1. janet said

    “stop all illusions”


  2. Old Grizz said

    you have put me in that strange world of half awake, half asleep….that time between the first snooze alarm and finally rolling out of bed…

  3. Stan Ski said

    Sometimes it’s hard to separate fantasy from reality. That light sure comes in handy…

  4. Art said

    Awesome poem

  5. misty said

    oh, this is beautiful. i came over to read your sonnet (thanks for stopping by mine, and for your feedback!) but read down and had to comment on this one first. “shake off the daydreams w/ their nightmarish sweetness.” love that line. i’m glad you wrote a poem so i could find your site!

  6. Jeggy Po said

    Well done. I like the connection you made between daydreams and nightmare and that inbetween state of the mind.

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