April 5, 2010

Erin Kilmer

dead stick
plastic posies
glued gaudy

see what i can do

spray perfume
imitate life
fake freshness

am i tricking you yet?

graft me in
root me deep
pull me closer

let me burrow down to find

all i need
in You

i am learning You are all I need

Your fruit
Your fragrance
burst forth from me


4 Responses to “branch”

  1. Glynn said

    Ah, the grafted branch. And a poem about belief and faith. Beautiful.

  2. i like it 🙂
    and pretty photo too

  3. Happy Poetry month, you’re on a roll now girl. Write on.

  4. elk said

    erin I am here from RAP..thank you for sharing your journey in theses lines

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