We Liked to Talk I Guess

March 13, 2010

We Liked to Talk I Guess
by Erin Kilmer

There was a phone
In every room
At 909 Main Street
(except the bathroom).

One in each bedroom
And one in the hallway
(and we used them all).

One in the kitchen
One in the dining room
(shaped like a piece of corn on the cob)
Three in the living room
And one on the front porch
(and we used them all).

One in the basement, too.

Dad installed them all through the years
we lived at 909 Main Street.
Ten years–
From age six to sixteen
(Me, not Dad).

Eleven phones for one house
(and we used them all).

I guess we just liked to talk.

My house now has one phone
(plus one cell phone).

I still like to talk
But I do it with my fingers
Tapping on this keyboard.

Times change, I suppose.

Just like I did
From six to sixteen
At 909 Main Street.


Inspired by L.L. Barkat’s Random Act of Poetry prompt to use a street or street address for a poem.

This might be the first in a series, depending how inspired I feel.


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